Privacy Information and Terms of Use

As with any Facebook application, when you click through to Pheon you'll be presented with a privacy dialog box. You need to "allow" the Pheon application to access your information in order to play. Here's a list of what it accesses and how it uses that information:

  1. Profile picture: When asked to display a profile photo (for example on a player's Pheon profile page, or with a comment), Pheon asks Facebook to return a link to that user's profile photo. This request is made "on behalf of" the currently logged-in user. Generally, Facebook returns a link to the profile photo, because most users allow "everyone" to see their profile photo. If a user has specified that their profile should only be shown to friends / networks / etc, and the player viewing the page is not in any of those groups, Facebook sends a link to the blue question mark instead of the profile photo. Short description: players' Facebook privacy settings control who sees their profile photo.
  2. Friends: Pheon accesses a player's friends list so that it can show you activity from any of your friends who are also playing Pheon. It does not use or display any information about your friends that are not playing the game, and it only displays information from your friends that are playing the game according to their own Facebook privacy settings.
  3. Completion photos: Pheon asks for permission to access players' photos when they are posting mission-completions and even when they are not actively using Pheon. This latter permission is used to display players' completion photos to other players. Short description: any photos and videos that players submit to Pheon will be visible to all other Pheon players within the game. In addition, we plan to show "featured" mission-completions (which may include photos and videos) on the web page and on the Smithsonian American Art Museum website. Short description: ONLY those photos and videos that you actively submit to Pheon will be displayed to others, all others will remain private.
  4. Personal information. Pheon asks for permission to access players' geographical location, gender, and soon, players' birth dates. This information may be used by the administrators of Pheon for evaluation purposes, to get a sense of who our players are. This information will never be visible within the game, nor will it be connected to your name or other personally identifying information in any way. It will only be used to determine general statistics — such as the overall percentage of male and female players. Location information could be used in the future to offer features to users - for example, to allow players to find other players in their area, or to alert them of Pheon events happening in their area, but this is not happening at the moment.

Pheon (and CityMystery LLC) respects your privacy. We are building Pheon on Facebook, and we are aligned with their privacy policies.

Pheon asks you to complete missions by posting photos, videos and accounts of yourself doing fun activities. By posting your completed missions you agree to share them with the Pheon player community. We are not responsible for the content of your missions or what you went through to produce them. We do reserve the right to hide completed missions that we (and our sponsors) deem unsuitable for family viewing.

Pheon (and its sponsors) reserve the right to use your missions to help improve and market the game. If at any time you want to cancel your participation

Pheon will not make your contact information or any other personally identifiable information available to anyone outside the Pheon community unless we are legally required to do so. We may use web analysis tools to measure and collect anonymous session information.

Pheon uses "cookies" to keep your account secure and authenticated, and to collect anonymous information about your game play. As with all Facebook applications, if your browser is configured to reject cookies, you will not be able to access Pheon and its content.

When we report information about Pheon's access, use, and impact, we report aggregate, non-personally identifiable data. Occasionally, we report quoted feedback from users. We do not attribute feedback to specific individuals unless we obtain permission to use that person's name along with the feedback.